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Estee Lauder Hyrdationist Moisture Barrier Fortifier

Estee Lauder Hyrdationist Moisture Barrier Fortifier (30ml)

Retail Price - $86
Our Price - $73

Helps repair skin's moisture barrier-the key to maintaining a healthy looking and
resisting signs of premature aging.
Exclusive Caramide Activating Complex helps promote skin's natural production of
ceramides- the essential building blocks of the moisture barrier, so that it can maintain deep, sustained moisture.
Feel the instant rush of moisture...and resist the look of aging.
Moisture is one of skin's key defenses against signs of aging that appear too soon.
That's why everything about Hydrationist works to keep your skin looking younger.
Clinical testing proved that 100% of women who used it experienced a dramatic
moisture boost, instantly and throughout the day.